Submerged Arc Welding Flux F7A0-E18

The Submerged Arc Welding Flux wires category comprises of two different types of wires suited for varying industrial requirements. We have the ASK70S Slow Speed (up to 400mm/min) and ASK70M Medium Speed (upto 1000mm/min) wire under this category. The submersible arc welding flux offers brilliant solutions across welding requirements in many industries such as chemical industries, locomotives, pressure vessels. Earth moving equipments, structural, off shore plat forms and general engineering industries a few among many other industries we serve.


Here are a few features of the submersible arc welding flux

  • Easy detectability of weld
  • Supports welding requirements across a wide variety of industries
  • Low splatter maintains a cleaner process
  • Cost effective range trusted by clients across India and select international locations