Submerged Arc Welding Flux F7A4-EM12K/EH14

At Nouveaux the commitment is to offer high class products. In the same context we offer Submersible Arc Welding Flux - F7A4- EM12K / EH14 that is internationally certified for its high quality. You will ideally find Nouveaux's Submersible Arc Welding Flux used across in various industries like multi-run butt welding of mild, medium and high tensile steels. Other set of applications that these world class wires serve is across industries involved in general constructions, pressure vessels, ship building, pipe mills, wind tower production, transport industries, etc. Designed for single and multi wire procedures for butt and fillet welds. Suitable for DC and AC welding. Single layer and multilayer welding of unlimited plate thickness.


  • Ideal Solution for a broad range of welding options
  • Internationally certified product range that meets parameters of international class performance and safety
  • Comes in two different variants suited for diversified needs