Nouvarc FC-LA-1 E81T1-B2

Nouvarc FC-LA-1 E81T1-B2


Nouvarc FC-LA-1 is a flux cored wire designed for single & multipass using c02 or argon /co2 shielding gas welding having smooth arc with minimum spatter. This all position wire normally used in application s with chemical composition of 1.25% cr 0.5%mo used in high pressure steam, oil refining and other cr-mo high service temperature and creep resistance requirements.


Nouvarc FC-LA-1 is a rutile based flux cored wire it provides many good characteristics, low spatter, flat to slightly convex bead configuration and a moderate volume of slag, which completely covers the weld bead and exhibits self-peeling slag detachability.

Chemical Composition of weld Metal

C% Mn% Si% S% P% Cr% Mo% Shielding Gas
AWS Specification 0.05 – .12Max 1.25 Max 0.25 – 0.55 0.03 Max 0.03 Max 1.00 – 1.50 0.40 –0.60
Typical 0.05 1.08 0.44 0.013 0.008 1.25 0.53 100% CO2

Mechanical Properties of weld Metal

UTS Kg/mm2

YS Kg/ mm2

% Elongation


Shielding Gas

AWS Specification


470 Min

20 min

690 deg Celsius for 1 Hour





690 deg Celsius for 1 Hour

100% Co2