MIG Welding Wires (Solid GMAW Filler Wires)

MIG Welding Wires (GMAW or Gas Metal Arc Welding wires) offered by Nouveaux perfectly support the process of welding by joining metals by heating them with an arc. MIG copper coated welding wire offered by us have excellent synthetic technological properties assuring a higher deposition efficiency, high quality and low intensity of labor.

Nouveaux introduces its clients with production of copper-coated MIG (CO2) Welding wires through its plant in Tirupur. These CO2 based wires, are a result of sophisticated in line drawing and copper coating machines, thus serving our satisfied customers with a smooth flowing, stable arc, low spatter wire. The wires support all three forms of welding such as semi automatic welding, machine welding and automatic welding.

With MIG Wires offered by Nouveax you will experience wires that

  • Do Not cause Excessive spatter
  • Does not lead to holes on the base metals
  • Supports complete fusion of the welding fluid and the base metal
  • Does not melt through the base metal
  • Does not completely blend with the base metal
  • Does not distort the structure of the metal to be welded

It is stressed in the manufacturing process that the wires support the above qualities, however the actual realization of all these qualities also depend largely on the welding process used, the expertise of welding and many other factors.

GMAW( Gas Metal Arc Welding) ways of Application

  • Short Circuit Transfer- Short circuit transfer refers to the welding wire actually “short circuit-ing” (touching) the weld metal up to 200 times per second
  • Globular Transfer-Globular transfer refers to the state of transfer between short-circuiting and spray arc transfer
  • Spray Arc Transfer- Spray arc transfer as the name suggest “sprays” a stream of tiny molten droplets across the arc, projecting from the electrode wire targeted at the base metal i.e the metal that is welded

Variants Offered

The MIG Wires is offered in two different variants namely

  • NOUVARC - ER70S-6
  • NOUVARC M2- ER70S2