Flux Cored Wires

The Flux Cored wires can be used for heavy welding processes. The flux-cored offered at Nouveaux is optimized to obtain a higher performance compared to the solid GMAW filler wires. The constituents of the flux cored wires has been modeled support the higher performance. It is also proven to be easy and fast in welding the tough to weld steel. These Flux cored wires has a larger ball type transfer and ensures low spatter levels. Also, flux cored wires produces a rounder penetration profile with excellent sidewall fusion. The variants we offer covers broader advantages such as providing higher deposition rates, removes phosphorous and sulfur from the weld material, offers enhanced crack resistance and many more such properties.

The Flux Cored wires supports various welding techniques and features . They are

  • Vertical-up welding
  • Flat welding
  • Welding over galvanized surfaces
  • Faster and better welding of tough to weld steels


  • Excellent Feeding
  • Increased period of base metal contact
  • Shiny Flake Free Surface
  • Reduced Spatter and Cleanup cost
  • Superior Smooth Weld Beads
  • Versatile and Discontinuity Free
  • Stable Arc Characteristics


This Flux Cored wires is offered in two different variants namely

  • NOUVARC FC- 1 E71T-1
  • NOUVARC FC-2 E71T-5

Added Advantages

More Productivity, More Portability, Higher Reliability

Flux cored wires also allows you to handle the welding of dirtier materials that may have higher levels of rust, mill scale, or oil. Flux cored wires have the necessary elements like the de-oxidizing elements that capture these contaminants in the weld pool and hold them in the slag coverage typically preventing the associated weld problems found when welding "dirtier" steels.

Flux cored wires supports outdoor welding process at your welding site. With Flux Cored wires the extra step of adding windshields is removed. Besides it is more portable and you can perform the welding at both on site and off site locations.